MAXGRAND News 04/2023- The Poetry of Light

Inverlight offers landscape decorative lighting for residential and commercial applications with high-quality materials: 316 Stainless steel. Their outdoor lighting fixtures, including bollards, ceiling lights, and wall-mounted lights, are designed to be unique, stylish and durable, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and visitors in gardens, walkways, and other outdoor areas.


Libella P

This sleek and elegant pendant light features a unique curved ribbon design, adjustable height, and energy-efficient LED light source.


Chiodino 7 P

This modern and stylish pendant light has a unique linear design that resembles a mushroom, perfect for adding a contemporary and lively touch to any landscape or outdoor space.

Chiodino 13 fix

This is the family with Chiodino 7 P, maintaining its unique linear design, while also being able to easily fix to the ground.

Acorus vertical

A sophisticated design that exudes a sense of minimalistic elegance, reminiscent of a luminous bamboo stalk. With a range of sizes to choose from, it provides a premium lighting solution that caters to any space.


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