FLOS -Easy Kap, a versatile lighting solution that combines innovation and aesthetics. With fixed, adjustable, wall wash, and surface-mounted versions available, the Easy Kap collection caters to diverse lighting needs. Each luminaire showcases sleek lines and modern aesthetics, delivering exceptional performance and style.

The fixed version offers stable and focused illumination, ideal for highlighting specific areas or objects. The adjustable version provides flexibility, allowing you to direct light where needed. The wall wash version creates a dramatic ambiance and accentuates textured surfaces, while the surface-mounted option seamlessly integrates with your ceiling for a clean and contemporary look.

Choose from a range of diameters and wattages in the Easy Kap collection to suit your spatial requirements and lighting preferences. From the compact Easy Kap 50 to the larger Easy Kap 105, find the perfect size for your desired lighting effect. Varying wattages allow you to balance brightness and energy efficiency, ensuring optimal illumination while considering sustainability.

Experience the perfect fusion of functionality, versatility, and style with Flos-Easy Kap. Whether you need precise task lighting, adjustable illumination, striking wall wash effects, or a seamless surface-mounted solution, the Easy Kap collection has it all. Discover how these luminaires can transform your space into a beautifully lit environment.

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