MAXGRAND News 11/2023 – Your Green Lighting Solutions

MAXGRAND-News-102023-The-Charm-of-Oudoor-Wall-Lights-2Solar lighting is gaining recognition as an eco-friendly and sustainable solution in the field of green lighting. In this showcase, we present three exceptional solar lighting products. We also introduce an new technology that revolutionizes lighting control, enabling personalized and efficient illumination in various spaces.


Juno are powerful bollard solar lights designed for outdoor areas like sidewalks, driveways, and parks. They absorb light even in challenging weather conditions and provide uninterrupted functionality for several days. With hassle-free installation, they are ideal for locations without electricity.



Merkur combines elegant design with powerful lighting capabilities. With integrated solar modules, it boasts a sleek appearance that disguises its solar functionality. Easily reprogram the on and off times using the convenient remote control. Simple installation and cable-free operation offer flexibility and mobility for any locationMAXGRAND-News-102023-The-Charm-of-Oudoor-Wall-Lights


Alara is a self-sustaining solar LED luminaire that delivers impressive performance and perfect for illuminating parks or creating a stylish atmosphere in unique locations. With its vertical 360° facing solar modules, Alara ensures continuous energy input, providing reliable lighting throughout the day.MAXGRAND-News-102023-The-Charm-of-Oudoor-Wall-Lights


Perfect Optics for Every Lighting Scenario

With a selection of up to 24 solutions for each application, finding the right optics is vital for creating the perfect lighting atmosphere. We understand the importance of providing our customers with the best solution for every lighting scenario, which is why we offer a wide range of optics. By carefully choosing the ideal optics, we ensure that lighting scenarios meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations.



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