MAXGRAND News 09/2023 – The Power of Low BUG Rating Lighting Products

Minimizing Energy Wastage | Maximizing Visual Comfort

Lighting pollution is a growing concern in our modern world, impacting the environment, wildlife, and human health. The solution lies in using lighting products with a low BUG rating, which minimizes energy waste and human visual discomfort. Let’s explore how these products can combat light pollution, while providing quality lighting to the landscape.

The BUG Rating system, developed by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and the International Dark Sky Association, assesses backlight (B), uplight (U), and glare (G).
– Backlight refers to light directed behind the fixture, causing a “halo” effect.
– Uplight is light emitted upwards, interfering with star observation.
– Glare is frontal light causing discomfort and temporary blindness.


A lighting product with a BUG rating of 0 is environmentally friendly, minimizing light pollution and its negative impacts. Buzzer and Nail series by LineaLight complies with this standard, while gently illuminating the landscape with its vivid fixture design and finish.

Buzzer is the new bollard designed to illuminate paths, pedestrian or vehicular, and contemporary landscape projects. Available in four heights and three diameters, it is a flexible outdoor luminaire ideal for meeting all designer requirements. The light source, placed completely under the head, gives Buzzer an extremely high anti-glare visual comfort.  The bollard illuminates the ground with 2 apertures (180°) or a single aperture (360°) without superior dispersion: thanks to its special optic, it offers a wide light diffusion all around without shadow zones at the base.

The Nail collection is completed with a new fixed stem bollard, with two heights, 400 mm and 700 mm, and four dedicated finishes. The luminaire can be connected directly to the mains.

Experience the power of low BUG rating lighting products to reduce light pollution, minimize energy waste, and preserve our environment.

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