MAXGRAND News 05/2023- The Future of Outoor Lighting

News 052023- The Future of outdoor Lighting

The first 48V smart system for outdoor spaces . It transforms outdoor environments into cozy, relaxing, functional, and usable spaces both during the day and at night. Its flexibility and adaptability make it perfect for installation in existing or new constructions.

News 052023- The Future of outdoor Lighting

It is the ideal solution for lighting up terraces, pergolas, outside dining areas, and historical porticos. Its extruded aluminum metal profile for surface and recessed installation makes it easy to install, and various elements such as light units, speakers, and wireless sensors can be installed into the profile.

News 052023- The Future of outdoor LightingIt is available in white and ferrite painted finishes or anodized black, and it’s easy to use and operate with its remote electronic power supply and Casambi control. The combination of diffused and adjustable precision elements, along with the ability to choose from On-Off and Casambi control, allows you to design a flexible and dynamic outdoor space.

News 052023- The Future of outdoor Lighting

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