MAXGRAND News 02/2024- Decorating interior spaces with the Art of FLOS Architectural

FLOS has always been one of the leaders in the lighting industry, and architectural lighting can enhance the overall quality and embellishment of a space. Discover how FLOS Architectural utilizes artistic and functional lighting fixtures to elevate your interior spaces and redefine innovative lighting solutions for interior design.

Zero Track& Pro

Zero Track Pro: the epitome of miniaturization and versatility. Its sleek profile and cutting-edge control technology redefine lighting design, seamlessly integrating into walls and ceilings for a visually-flush solution.

The Zero Track & Pro architecture offers perfect integration and remarkable versatility. With T, X, and L joints, as well as interior angles, it effortlessly adapts to various ceiling-wall and wall-wall plane variations.

Accommodating diverse lighting requirements, Zero Track & Pro includes Spot Lights from the Light Shadow or Find Me Collection for focused illumination. It also offers Diffused Lights like Light Strips or Magic Sticks for a softer, ambient glow. Complementing any design scheme, the Atom family features round-shaped luminaires.

Black Flag

Black Flag, an extendable wall light designed by Konstantin Grcic for FLOS. It illuminates spaces up to 3.5 meters away, creating a new typology of wall-mounted lighting with a centerpiece function.

Black Flag is both functional and visually striking. Its ability to extend brings light to the heart of any space, while its folded form resembles a sleek sculpture.

This lamp is designed to maximize illumination when open and minimize space when closed. Its folded position resembles a minimalist sculpture, and when opened, it functions as an illuminating centerpiece like a pendant light.

Black Flag is discreet and practical, suitable for home and office use. It meets visual comfort and workplace lighting standards, providing even illumination of at least 500 lx on work surfaces. Its indirect light softens the atmosphere and reduces contrasts.


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