MAXGRAND News 01/2024- Product Highlight

PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING, headquartered in Colognola ai Colli in the province of Verona, Italy, is a prestigious international group with significant manufacturing facilities located in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the USA. They place a strong emphasis on delivering products of exceptional quality, safety, and durability. Furthermore, they offer tailored lighting solutions in various domains, including Indoor, Office, Industrial, Residential, Architectural, Sports and Area, and Urban and Street lighting. Today, we will highlight two of their exceptional products.


Insert+ Zero Clip, Zero Glass, Zero SM, and Zero SM Glass are a series of step lighting fixtures designed for both recessed and surface-mounted installations. The front cover features a sleek design that seamlessly hides any visible screws, creating a stylish and subtle aesthetic. This series prioritizes visual comfort and energy efficiency, utilizing marker lights to illuminate specific areas according to need. By integrating wall-mounted step lighting fixtures, Insert+ provides comprehensive illumination for various pathways, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of accidents or tripping hazards. Its elegant design and focus on functionality make it an ideal choice for residential and commercial spaces.

Urban and Street- Theos Glass

The THEOS series is a high-efficiency street lighting solution with top-mounted luminaires. It offers multiple light distributions, and the luminaire wattage ranges from a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 136, providing a wide range of options to choose from. THEOS luminaires comply with the UNI 10819 light pollution standard and take pride in their 0% upward light output ratio, effectively minimizing light pollution. Additionally, the series supports IoT (Internet of Things) street lighting fixtures, enabling each public management department to anticipate further development in smart city initiatives through its management system and platform.

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