As a pioneer of lighting supplier in Hong Kong, we are always looking for new ways to reinforce our leadership role with active commitment. In light of this, we hope to create a sustainable future for our communities and develop long-term promises for all our stakeholders. Whereas, we put our focus on sustainable development and promotion of responsible practices across three pillars: Green Operations, Sustainable Development, People and Effective Governance. The policy defines our long-term approach to ensuring our business operates in sustainable manners, such as Green Operation, People and Effective Governance.


We recognize the importance of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources in our business operation. Therefore, we have made continuous effort to encourage sustainability and combat the threat of climate change.


Employees are our most valuable assets. We believe that they are the driving force for our long-term success who helps to fulfil our company's mission. As a result, we strive to establish a caring work environment, where we endeavor the well-being of our staff and offer them opportunities to reach full potentials.


We follow a high standard of business ethics and integrity across our operations, which sets the foundation upon the room for our business growth. We uphold our reputation through strong commitment to the highest standards and responsible business practices.