Say no to disposable tableware 2023

The production of disposable tableware requires a significant amount of energy and resources, and these utensils often end up in landfills because they can take hundreds of years to decompose and cannot be recycled. In April, Maxgrand encouraged its employees to reduce the use of disposable tableware during lunchtime, hoping to reduce the environmental damage caused by these utensils through the event. We encouraged everyone to bring reusable tableware, taking an important small step for the earth and contributing to a better future.

Sha Lo Tung Guided Tour 2023

Sha Lo Tung is a most extensive rare freshwater wetland in Hong Kong. The valley receives water from streams with abundant flows all year round and fertile lands. Sha Lo Tung is best known for its dragonfly diversity, representing over 60% of all species in Hong Kong. Maxgrand employees and their families participated in the Sha Lo Tung Guided Tour organized by "Green Power". Along the way, they relaxed and enjoyed the outdoors, while learning about the unique ecology of the wetland and nature, as well as the current threats to Sha Lo Tung and the lives of the old Hakka people. Through this journey, they gained a greater understanding of the importance of conservation work.

Yuen Chau Tsai Trip 2022

We went to the Yuen Chau Tsai Leung Yuen Chau Tsai Nature Conservation Study Centre in Tai Po for the "Yuen Chau Tsai Heritage Coastal Tour + Sea Glass Workshop" activity. First, a nature guide led us to explore Hong Kong's only remaining intertidal zone - Tolo Harbour, where we learned about the various creatures that inhabit the rocky shores, mangroves, and sandy beaches. Next, we visited the over 115-year-old declared monument, the Former New Territories District Office Residence, to understand its historical background and cultural value. Finally, we participated in an ocean garbage upgrade and recycling workshop, where we made sea glass handicrafts with our own hands and learned how to incorporate sustainable lifestyles into our daily lives.