Explore science with SEN - Charity Walk 2023

The "Explore science with SEN" charity walk, organized by the Rainbow Foundation, celebrates its 15th anniversary. In this event, Maxgrand and a team of parents of children with special education needs (SEN) participated in an orienteering activity. We took on various challenging tasks, not only learning scientific knowledge but also engaging in interactions with SEN students through these activities, fostering an inclusive society.

Orbis Virtual Moonwalks 2022

Maxgrand supports Orbis' "Orbis Virtual Moonwalkers" event each year. This year, Orbis has added four new hiking routes, and participants have 40 days to complete a virtual run to raise funds for visually impaired individuals. For every kilometer run, ten dollars will be raised to support Orbis' sight-saving missions.

Hear with you - Walkathon in Ma Wan 2022

Rainbow Foundation has always been committed to collaborating with social welfare and charitable organizations to help society. Through the theme of "Can't Hear Sound, But Can See and Feel", everyone to gather in Ma Wan, explore various attractions, use their eyes to explore and their hearts to feel the cultural ecology of Ma Wan, and work with disadvantaged communities to complete tasks that promote social harmony.

Yan Oi Tong Charity Walk 2021

Yan Oi Tong has always been mindful of the general public’s well-being. In early 2021, they held an online charity walk for the very first time, emphasizing the importance of improving public health and contributing to society.