Smoke-free Workplace Workshop 2023

Through the activities of No Smoking Day, we deeply understand the importance of a smoke-free environment for our physical and mental health. We hope to bring this awareness and action back to our daily lives, and together create a healthier and better working and living environment. Let's work together to create a more comfortable and safe space for ourselves and those around us, making health our common pursuit and goal.

Gei Wai Day Travel 2021

Gei Wai is a shrimp pond in Mai Po Nature Reserve that adopts traditional farming methods. In 2021, Maxgrand employees and their families participated in the “Gei Wai Harvesting” and experienced an interesting shrimp harvesting activity.

Smoke-free Workplace Workshop 2020

Smoke-free Working Day is a prized contest that includes a number of interesting games regarding smoking hazards. It is hoped that the lively delivery of the message can enhance the employees motivation to quit smoking.

Glass Boat Visit 2018

Maxgrand actively encourages employees to engage in conservation activities, including Hoi Ha Wan eco-tours organized by WWF in 2018. Employees and their families can observe the coral tribes up close by taking the glass-bottomed boat, and appreciate the precious marine life together.