Chameleon-Through my transformation I can transform spaces

Through my transformation I can transform spaces. I am Application Agnostic.
Body of Light

Chameleon is designed to be active from sunset to sunset. During the day, its optional accessories such as a shadow sail offer new types of functionalities.

Shape of Light

With its unrivalled modularity, Chameleon uses a vast catalogue of mounting options, ewoLightLayers, optics and finishes to adapt seamlessly to a plethora of applications including Architecture and the Arts, Public Spaces, and Road and Traffic.

Color Mixing & Dynamic White

To create the best possible colour experience in a luminaire as compact as Chameleon, ewo has developed a new two-level light guiding lens that will mix colours in each individual lens. Now the desired light effect can even be achieved over short distances whilst maintaining perfect colour uniformity.

ewo, exclusively distributed by Maxgrand in Hong Kong.

A novel layer of adaptability with Transformative Accessories

The smallest integrated dynamic luminaire on the market

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