Our Company

Maxgrand is one of Hong Kong's leading lighting suppliers. Headquartered in Kwai Hing since our establishment in the early 1990s, we also have operations in mainland China and Macau. Our business is providing comprehensive lighting solutions by offering professional consultations and high-quality products for our customers. We believe that the best way to achieve our vision of being the preferred choice for customers in our industry is to deliver top quality services. Our customer base includes government agencies, academic institutions, commercial and residential businesses, hotels, hospitals, shopping arcades, and retail chain stores in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.

Our Technology

Maxgrand emphasizes the importance of safety. We ensure that our products comply with the safety standards required in Code of Practice. We apply our technical knowledge and experience in product design to ensure that our products adhere to our high standards for installation security, thermal dissipation, and component compatibility.

Goniophotometer System

We measure our products via a Goniophotometer, which exports its files in IES format.

Integrating Sphere

Integrating Sphere is an optical instrument that analyzes the signal of tested lamp sources, collecting data about the color temperature, color rendering, wavelength, and lumen output.

Water Spray / Water Jet Instrument

Water Spray / Water Jet testers are the instruments to ensure the products are designed and supplied in accordance with each customer’s requirements and standards.

Temperature Meter

Ambient thermal condition affects the lifespan of lighting. Our products are tested under extreme environments that simulated by temperature meter.

Salt Spray Test Machine

The Salt Spray Testing uses to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.

3D Printer

3D Printer uses to print a prototype model to simulate the products performance. By observing products’ beam angle and the design, we will evaluate the model performance and see if it fulfils with the clients’ need.

Our Mission

To consistently provide our customers with a pleasant and comfortable lighting environment by understanding their needs and meeting their expectations.

Our Spirit

To build a mutual trust with our customers, thus making Maxgrand their preferred choice.

Our Team

Excellence in quality, integrity and reliability, teamwork, continuous advancement, careful listening, and prompt response.

Our partners

2019 Our 3D Printer is set up, to simulate light fixtures’ performance.

2018 We set up a Salt Spray Test Machine for checking corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.

2017 Our Water Spray test station is set up, to test waterproof functionality.

        Maxgrand's staff increases to 80 employees.

2016 Maxgrand Plaza opens.

        Our Temperature Chamber is set up, to test products under extreme environments.

2015 Maxgrand opens its lighting control business.

2014 We install an Integrating Sphere for lamp source measurement.

2013 Maxgrand unites our headquarters, Light Studio, warehouse, and assembly lines under one roof. 

        Our in-house laboratory is set up, featuring a Goniophotometer for light measurement.

2012 Maxgrand relocates to a 17,000-square-foot office. 

        Our Light Studio opens.

2010 Our Shanghai branch is established.

2008 Our Guangzhou branch is established. 

        Maxgrand relocates to a 16,000-square-foot warehouse in Kwai Hing.

2007 We begin research & development into LED technology.

2002 Maxgrand expands from 3 employees to 30.

1994 Warehouses and assembly lines are set up in Kwai Hing.

1992 Maxgrand incorporates.



Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Program 2020/2021

Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification- Energywi$e Certificate 2020/2021

UNICEF Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace 2020/2021

Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace 2020

Hong Kong Smoke Free Leading Company Awards 2019

BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2018

Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme 2018

Caring Company 2015-2021